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Pretty Lights: Passing by Behind Your Eyes

by Amy Jacques on December 16, 2009

The third digital-only release from Derek Vincent Smith (aka Pretty Lights) boasts a raw electro-energy similar to its predecessors. Also available for free download, Passing by Behind Your Eyes offers glitchy, hip-hop inspired tracks and a generous helping of jazzy, R&B-influenced piano samples. Throughout, Smith continues his experiments with classical instrumentation including strings and keys as well as soulful horns, disco guitar ( “Let Him Know It’s Time To Go” ) and Middle Eastern-influenced ( “Can’t Stop Me Now” ) moments along with echo-y, distorted vocal samples ( “Someday Is Everyday” ). The crackly, fuzzy vintage sounds are back – but, this time, Pretty Lights adds some fresh, futuristic loops and down-tempo beats that, together, create a reflective, yet highly-danceable sonic collage.

Authors: Amy Jacques
Artist: Pretty Lights
Tags: pretty lights
Album: Passing by Behind Your Eyes

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